Key Note Speaker

Prof.Dr. Vipul JAIN
Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management
Room 919, Rutherford House, Victoria Business School,
Victoria University of Wellington,
23, Lambton Quay, Pipitea Campus, 
PO Box 600, Wellington 6140
Phone: +64 (0)44635145
Fax: +64(0)44635084

Dr Vipul Jain is a Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management atVictoria Business School, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He has also worked as a French Government researcher for the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control at Nancy, France, and was also involved in theEuropean project I*PROMS (Innovative Production Machines and Systems) from UK. Vipul has more than 85 archival publications to his credit in high impact factorjournals, as well as conference papers and books chapters, is the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise, and an Editorial Board member forseven international journals. Vipul is ranked 7th in India in a list of top 20 Indian leading academicians publishing in the area of Logistics and Supply Chain management in an exhaustive study entitled ¡°Analysis of the Logistics research in India- white paper (2012), pp.1-11¡± conducted by researchers from Institute of Transport Logistics, Dortmund University, Institute for Supply Chain and Network Management, TechnischeUniversität Darmstadt, and University of M¨¹nster, Germany. Vipul is involved as a scientific and advisory committee member for various international conferences. He was the Programme Coordinator for the Masters in Industrial Engineering Programme at IIT Delhi, and has been actively involved in conducting Management Development Programmes/Training Programmes for Senior Managers andExecutives of Public and Private Organisations in India on various issues and challenges encountered in Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management.

Speech Title: Supply Chain Management 2030:  Driving Forces, Global Challenges and Future Research Directions

Abstract:Recent events around the world have provided frequent reminders that we live in an unpredictable and changing world. It has become imperative for channel entities toincorporate risk management tools in the management of their supply chains. Further, there is no surety that supply chain players will conform to environmental normsand compliance standards, even as more and more of these are enforced into practice, the organizations most likely to get stranded are the ones looking simply atcutting supply chain costs. This talk will discuss about the new emerging research methodologies which are geared towards providing and developing effective solutionsfor performance/risk analysis of integrated supply chain networks. This talk will also address emerging generic modeling and optimizing approaches which integratesvarious supply chain functions; capture all process-related information including activities, resources and organizational units as well as their interdependencies tosupport complex dynamic and distributed supply chain processes/operations. Considering the dynamic characteristics of supply chain networks, the discussed researchapproaches can be utilized as a modeling and optimization tool to study the impact of different supply chain strategies and policies and will help the managers tobuild trust among supply chain partners. Briefly, this talk addresses the summary of work done in supply chain literature, provides key insights and future researchdirections while addressing several emerging research issues in complex and dynamic supply chain environments, thus providing strong implications for academia andsupply chain practitioners.

Prof.Dr.Gerald Schaefer

Loughborough University

Gerald Schaefer gained his PhD in Computer Vision from the University of East Anglia. He worked at the Colour & Imaging Institute, University of Derby (1997-1999), in the School of Information Systems, University of East Anglia (2000-2001), in the School of Computing and Informatics at Nottingham Trent University (2001-2006), and in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Aston University (2006-2009) before joining the Department of Computer Science at Loughborough University. His research interests are mainly in the areas of computer vision and pattern recognition. He has published extensively in these areas with a total publication count exceeding 450. He has been invited as keynote or tutorial speaker to numerous conferences, is the organiser of various international workshops and special sessions at conferences, and the editor of several books, conference proceedings and special journal issues.

Title: Interactive browsing of large image repositories

Abstract:With image repositories growing at a rapid rate, efficient and effective tools to manage such collections are highly sought after. Content-based approaches, based on the principle of visual similarity derived from image features, are useful in this context since most images are unannotated.However, classical content-based retrieval approaches have shown limited usefulness and do not allow full exploration of image collections. In my talk, I will present interactive image database browsing as an interesting alternative to direct retrieval approaches. Based on content-based concepts,large image collections are visualised so that similar images are located close to each other, while interactive navigation through such a visualisation is supported by various browsing operations. After introducing the main approaches to visualising and browsing image databases, I will focus on some of the systems that we have developed in our lab for this purpose, in particular the Hue Sphere Image Browser and its ports to mobile devices and immersive systems.

Prof. Dr.Sc.Kazumi Nakamatsu 

School of Human Science and Environment

University of Hyogo

Shinzaike-hon-cho, Himeji 670-0092


Kazumi Nakamatsu received the Ms. Eng. and Dr. Sci. from Shizuoka University and Kyushu University, Japan, respectively. He is a full Professor at School of Human Science and Environment, University of Hyogo, Japan.

His research interests encompass various kinds of logic and their applications to Computer Science, especially paraconsistent annotated logic programs and their applications. He has developed some paraconsistent annotated logic programs called ALPSN(Annotated Logic Program with Strong Negation), VALPSN(Vector ALPSN), EVALPSN(Extended VALPSN) and bf-EVALPSN (before-after EVALPSN) recently, and applied them to various intelligent systems such as a safety verification based railway interlocking control system and process order control. He is an author of over 150 papers and 20 book chapters, and 10 edited books published by prominent publishers.


Kazumi Nakamatsu has chaired various international conferences, workshops and invited sessions, and he has been a member of numerous international program committees of workshops and conferences in the area of Computer Science. He serves as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems(IJRIS) by Inderscience Publisher(UK) and an editorial board member of many international journals. He has contributed numerous invited lectures at international workshops, conferences, and academic organizations. He also is a recipient of some conference and paper awards. He is a member of Japan AI Society, Japan Facial Society, etc.

Dr. Andrew W. H. Ip received his PhD from Loughborough University (U.K.), MBA from Brunel University (U.K.), MSc in Industrial Engineering from Cranfield University (U.K.), and LLB (Hons) from the University of Wolverhampton (U.K.). Dr Ip was awarded in 2015 ¡°Gold Medal with the Congratulations of Jury¡± and ¡°Thailand Award for Best International Invention¡± in the 43rd International Exhibition of Geneva, and he was awarded the ¡°Natural Science Award ¡± in 2013 Ministry of Education Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards by the Ministry of Education of Mainland China. Dr. Ip is visiting professor of Civil Aviation University of China, Sun Yat-Sen University, South China Normal University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and Honorary Fellow of the University Warwick, Warwick Manufacturing Group. He is principal research fellow, and Associate Director of IGDS, a postgraduate programme joint with the Warwick University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He was previously Lab-in-charge of the RFID laboratory and associate professor of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is a chartered engineer, senior member of IEEE and member of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, and members of various professional bodies in mechanical and electrical engineering.

Dr Ip has published more than 250 papers with over 150 papers in SCI indexed journals and has written books and invited book chapters. His publications are related to AI, decision support systems, ERP, and information technology. He is also the Chief Editor of Enterprise Information Systems, Talyor and Francis (SCI indexed); founder and Chief Editor of the International Journal of Engineering Business Management, Sage publishing (ESCI and SCOPUS Indexed) and editorial member of various international journals. He also served as consultant and independent non executive directors of listed technology companies in Hong Kong.

Title:  IoT and Smart Cities

Abstract:The talk will introduce some recent trends of Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) such as IoT, Big data, AI and their applications in various industries, in particular, it will explore their applications in Smart Cities. Today, mobile phones, homes, buildings, transportations and energy grids etc. in the cities are all connected by IoT, they are the results of the rapid developments of ICT infrastructures and cloud services. The speaker will discuss some of the design and implementation issues of IoT in the smart cities, a case study of joint development among the university, government and private company in smart city will be elaborated. Some future research implications of IoT using EIS journal and co-citation analysis will be identified.

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